Benefits of Whey Protein

Numerous clinical research studies have attested to the significant benefits of whey protein to human health. Although many protein supplementation options exist, including egg, hemp, pea, and rice proteins, whey protein has been proven time and time again to be the best choice in protein supplements.

Furthermore, organic whey protein (like One World Whey) has even greater benefits for weight loss, muscle gains, diabetes control, anti-aging, and increased energy levels.

Below is a summary of research performed by universities and laboratories across the world proving the benefits of whey protein, particularly organic whey protein, for various facets of health and wellness.

Weight Loss

The North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO) performed a clinical study that concluded “both weight and fat loss were markedly increased” with the consumption of whey protein.  Furthermore, the study found that a combination of calcium and an important enzyme present in whey was effective in reducing body fat, it was “significantly less potent than [whey] in reducing body fat.” This indicates that other bioactive compounds in whey may contribute or, alternatively, that a synergistic effect of multiple factors, along with the aforementioned effects of the calcium, are responsible for the fat loss effects of whey protein.

Thus, the more bioactive compounds retained in a whey protein supplement, the more effective it is for body fat loss. Therefore, naturally-processed, undenatured protein supplements like One World Whey are the obvious choice for protein supplementation if your goal is fat  loss.

Muscle Gains

The US National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health, completed a study that demonstrated that whey protein substantially increased increases physical performance, training session recovery, lean body mass, muscle hypertrophy, and strength, particularly undenatured whey protein taken before exercise. The experiment measured the amino acid exchange (particularly phenylalanine, an amino acid used to biochemically form proteins coded for in DNA)  in the muscle fibers of subjects before and after exercise. This amino acid exchange is a primary step in muscle synthesis and indicates lean muscle gains. Organic whey protein powders, like One World Whey, are particularly high in undenatured proteins and amino acids that contribute to lean muscle gains from exercise.

Diabetes Control

Whey protein has been shown to have positive effects on blood glucose (blood sugar) regulation and insulin responses in both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals. An article in the July 2005 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition detailed a study that demonstrated the insolinotropic effects (stimulates the secretion of insulin) of including whey protein in breakfast and lunch meals. Furthermore, the study showed that whey protein also reduced postprandial glycemia (post-meal fatigue).

Given the challenges faced by diabetics in controlling blood sugar and insulin balance, whey protein supplements, especially those free of added sugars(like One World Whey), are an excellent choice for maintaining health in persons with diabetes.


Whey protein has been demonstrated to increase longevity in mammals by adding certain key proteins and amino acids, particularly casein and glutathione. By increasing liver, heart, and tissue glutathione levels, whey protein supplements were shown to not only shown to increase longevity, but to reduce the instance of the diseases of aging as well. A particularly amazing insight from a series of studies performed by a variety of institutions found that by increasing glutathione levels, whey protein reduces the effect of dietary and environmental carcinogens, thus reducing the instance of cancer. Other studies found that the biological activity of undenatured proteins, like One World Whey, are important in the promotion of anti-aging and reduction of degenerative diseases.


Energy Levels

Whey protein supplements have been long purported to increase energy levels and vitality in human beings but energy levels and vitality are difficult to measure objectively. Finally, an article published on Bio Med Central summarized an experiment that measured the effect of whey protein on the maintenance of metabolically active muscle (thereby, approximating basal metabolic rates and overall vitality).

This research summary is just a brief overview of the mountain of data and studies that confirm the benefits of whey protein powders for many facets of health and vitality. Be sure to check out the study performed by Synergistic Nutrition measuring the unique benefits of One World Whey. Read about real customers’ experience with One World Whey in our Review section.